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Jun 13

Achwelle Public Listening

Achwelle Public Lisetning in June 2014

Achwelle Public Lisetning in June 2014


Listen to our dilemma show with great music and inspiring interviews

Jun 01

First World Problems

Inspired by this award winning video by an NGO on water resources, 7 students are producing a radio show on their first world problems.

Airtime is Monday June 2nd 2014 12:30 on Join the public listening at FHV in front of the Achstrasse building. We serve free water!

Apr 27

Persönliche Krisen als Musik (Englisch)

How do people feel in a personal crisis? And how would a song sound like if someone had to write one in a personal crisis?

A divorce, the loss of a job, financial problems, a fight with a friend… There are a lot of different crises that can come up in a life. This radio piece focuses on the crisis of being heartbroken and the crisis ob being angry. Additionally it gives information on the feelings that arise and what different people do to overcome a personal crisis.

By Vera Beck, student of the Fachhochschule Vorarlberg

(The songs had to be removed in the upload due to the copyright.)

Apr 27

Persönliche Krise (Englisch)

A personal crisis may interrupt our daily life, is taboo and costs energy. A deep crisis without treatment is even able to destroy someone’s life. On the one hand there are the big crises, where people need professional help. On the other hand there are smaller personal crises or problems.

An expert gives information about the different levels of crises and professional help. Students give statements what they do to overcome their personal crises.


Apr 27

C R I S I S – Eine musikalische Reise (Englisch)

Is it possible to present a crisis musically?
Could melodies and sounds represent the right emotions of a crisis?

There are different processes going on within a crisis.
This is an experiment to express this process within a piece of self composed music instead of explaining with words. Various samples from radio and TV shows support the music.
Listen closely and try to imagine how the melodies and sounds lead through the challenges of life.

Cornelia Baumgartner – composer, piano, keyboard, drums, mix
Antonio Sanchez Paoli – voice



Apr 27

Weit weg von Zuhause (Englisch)

What is a crisis? According to the dictionary a crisis is an emotionally stressful event or traumatic change in a person’s life. This radio piece talks about different situations of emotional crisis and how people deal with it. Emotional crisis doesn’t have to be always related to bad things or sad experiences; you can also relate them to happy moments and good feelings.

Leaving your parents house is one of the most common events that trigger an emotional crisis. The question is: How do you feel about leaving? Some people may be excited to start a new adventure, some might be nervous to travel or live by themselves for the first time.

By Antonio Sanchez Paoli, exchange student from Monterrey, Mexico


Apr 27

Probleme in der Maschine (Englisch)

Simon’s first contribution to radio achwelle.
The economic crisis: how artists or designers have reacted to it.

„We have sought, bought, spewed and devoured too much, too fast, too brazenly, and now we’re about to pay. Economic „progress“ is killing the planet.“

Kalle Lasn

This piece is a mix of ironic compositions by Johannes Kreidler, ad busting and a few songs that suit to the topic.
Author: Simon Wenglein


(The songs had to be removed in the upload due to the copyright.)


Apr 27

5 Schritte die Krise zu überstehen (Englisch)

Do you have a crisis? Maybe all you need is the help of a professional life coach to get through it. This radio program offers professional help and also practical tips how you can manage a crisis on your own. All you have to do is follow the steps that are offered in this piece.


  1. Admit that you have a crisis
  2. Tell other people that you have a crisis
  3. Be optimistic for the future
  4. Good mood
  5. Take action

You will see, after a few days you will start to feel better again. Your mind will be positive and your crisis may be gone.

Bianca Buchleitner, Student of the Fachhochschule Vorarlberg


Apr 27

Demokratie Krise (Englisch)

Mankind love to play games, also politicians do it. Usually we have the chance only to listen to some news about politicians and they like to hear themselves.

Politicians are leading our country, economy, laws, education systems and our life. But they also influence the media and manipulate our ideas. What does a real democracy need? Do we need one leader for our opinions? Do they always need to say the truth? Let’s think about democracy and how we want to control it with good journalism. Become the leader of your own opinion!

Crisis in democracy is everywhere. What can we do? We need independent media, and journalists who have courage. Then democracy can be a real democracy.

Fictional interview by Aysegül Öner, Incomings Student From Turkey

An article about this interview from









Cartoon on the Turkish Prime Minister, behaving like Napoléon Bonaparte and controling all the media in the country.

Source: The comic magazin cover from LEMAN, 21 November 2007

Sep 15

Die Achwelle fließt!

Mit viel Energie und Tatendrag produzieren Studierende der FH Vorarlberg unregelmässig Sendungen. Diese werden dann immer am Mittwoch um 17h30 auf Radio Proton gesendet und natürlich sind sie über unseren Livestream zu hören. Der läuft sonst auch – dann mit handverlesener Musik. Einfach rechts auf das Play-Icon drücken!

Stay tuned …