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Name: Roland Alton-Scheidl
Angemeldet seit: 26. Mai 2014

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  1. Where Do They Go? Finding refugees in Vorarlberg — 6. Mai 2015
  2. Achwelle Public Listening — 13. Juni 2014
  3. First World Problems — 1. Juni 2014

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Mai 06

Where Do They Go? Finding refugees in Vorarlberg

On April 15, as many as 700 refugees died off the coast of Libya after a fishing boat the migrants were travelling with from Libya to the coast of Sicily capsized in the Mediterranean Sea. The event has been called the worst incident that has been associated with migrants fleeing their countries in the last …

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Jun 13

Achwelle Public Listening

  Listen to our dilemma show with great music and inspiring interviews


Inspired by this award winning video by an NGO on water resources, 7 students are producing a radio show on their first world problems.

Airtime is Monday June 2nd 2014 12:30 on Join the public listening at FHV in front of the Achstrasse building. We serve free water!